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My son has been a student with Mr. Patterson for over a year now, and he has learned so much. I love that every time the lesson ends, he is so happy and motivated he is humming the tunes all the way home.He takes flute in school, and he is always eager to play the songs on the piano.Mr. Patterson has a way of teaching that makes a positive impact on my son!

Thank you so much! I love working with him!

by Denise Griffin on Daniel Patterson Music Studio

My son began taking lessons with Mr. Patterson this summer after his instructor of 7 years retired. We were anxious about finding someone who could continue to help him excel in his muscianship. We were delighted to find Mr. Patterson's studio. He has quickly made a bond with my son and knows how to push him to grow in his skill, knowledge and love of music.

Thank you, Denise! Kyle has fit right in here... Excited to continue working with him!

by Maryia Linnehan on Daniel Patterson Music Studio

My 2 kids have been taking lessons at Mr Patterson's studio for over 2 years now and they are doing wonderful. They have learned so much! Both of them did very good on their Royal Conservatory exam. Mr. Patterson is an amazing teacher!

I have had two children take lessons from the Daniel Patterson Music Studio. Both learned the love of music and have gained confidence. Daniel Patterson is such a wonderful, encouraging teacher. He shares his love of music with all his students!

Great teacher

My daughter has been taking lessons for over a year, and she loves playing the piano. Learning the piano has helped her math skills, and it is an amazing stress reliever for her when she is having a bad day. I feel very lucky that Daniel Patterson Music Studio has been able to show her joy with music! I think it's something she will enjoy for the rest of her life.

My son has been taking lessons for over a year and I am impressed with how much he has learned! He was 5 when he started and was picking it up so quickly he was flying through his books! I'm really glad he is getting this opportunity to learn how to play the piano from a teacher that understands kids how to best teach them.

great teacher

My daughter has been receiving piano lessons from Daniel Patterson for a few years now. She loves the structure of the lessons and really enjoys working with Daniel. She's had the opportunity to sit for a practical assessment in the Music Development Program through the Royal Conservatory, and this has also helped improve her performance skills and poise in front of a judge. Her understanding of music has greatly improved, and it carries over to her other musical interests as well. The Daniel Patterson Music Studio is a wonderful place to learn piano, and have a great time doing it. She is building skills that will last her a lifetime!

Great for Beginning Teens

Growing up, piano lessons were usually boring and demanding. At least that was my experience. Teachers were not in touch with songs that interested me and demanded excessive practicing. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised my teenage son wants to continue and enjoys piano lessons. He was a preteen when he started and is still going strong. Daniel is very encouraging and flexible when my son wants to work on his "Nintendo" songs 🙂 I am very impressed in the progress he has made in just a few years! We are thankful to have found a great piano teacher!

A joy!

Watching my daughter learn piano has been a true joy. She is enjoying the process and each new stage and lesson that she can show me after. Daniel is so good with the kids and really has a passion for this that comes through to his students. We have been searching for something that my daughter could just fall in love with, basketball, softball, tap/ballet ect. This just might be it!!!!

Teaching is a waste of time unless the student is committed to learning. Our son started out not so keen on learning to play the piano for a long list of reasons that only make sense to a seven-year-old. But Mr. Patterson has somehow convinced him that playing the piano is almost as much fun as playing on his tablet--a minor miracle. Having taken piano lessons myself, I was prepared for arguments about practice time. What I was not prepared for is the actual argument we are having: "No, you cannot play the piano right now. You can play after dinner." I could not be happier with the progress our son has made, but I'm even happier that he's enjoying the lessons and the process of learning how to play an instrument. Mr. Patterson has made practice a treat, rather than a chore for our son and that has made a huge difference in the quality and speed of his learning.

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